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The art of selling over the phone

Its fair to say that in the past, Telesales has suffered from being viewed as the poor relation to face to face selling and gained a negative reputation. Lets not forget, thousands of products and services are sold  over the phone every hour of every day - everything from jumbo jets to priceless diamonds - so it must work! Modern Telesales is fast, cost effective and fits perfectly with the pace at which people in the modern world live their lives and run their businesses.
Despite all technological advances in the world of communication, the success of a telephone sales call still relies on the skills of a human being and the art of conversation.  
Below are a selection of the Telesales Training courses available.

Successfully Opening the Call
How to start the perfect call
How to communicate effectively
A bite size session
The Importance of Rapport
How to build and maintain customer rapport
How good a listener are you?
A bite size session
Successful Telephone Selling
What skills does it take to sell successfully over the phone?
Successful Cross-selling
When one is not enough

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