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Successful Telephone Selling

What skills does it take to sell successfully over the phone?

Session Objective - Telesales is one of the fastest growing sales techniques in the world today and thousands of products/services are sold over the phone every day. Telesales is fast, cost effective and fits perfectly with the pace of modern businesses. By the end of this session learners will gain an understanding of the fundamentals involved in successful telephone sales and the techniques needed to maximise success when selling over the phone. 
Session Content
  • What is telephone selling all about? 
  • Understanding the Telesales role
  • Communication - the facts
  • The importance of tone, pitch and pace
  • Structuring your pitch - to script or not to script
  • Preparing to call -getting the opening right
  • Asking the right questions
  • Active listening - takes more energy than speaking!
  • Presenting your product/service 
  • The challenges of selling on the phone
  • Gaining customer commitment 

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