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Introduction to First Line Management

Where you lead others will follow

Session objective 
The move into a first line management role is a challenging transition, especially if the individual has come from within the ranks. This training is particularly suitable for those newly promoted or those soon to assume a management position. The course deals with people management, how to get the best from the Team, positive use of authority, management challenges and management measurement tools: in essence, how to develop the skills required to demonstrate good management practice. 

Session Content
  • Understanding the FLM role 
  • Getting the best out of people 
  • The five key areas of first line management
  • Management qualities and priorities 
  • Wearing the Management‘hats; 
  • Understanding motivation in relation to staff 
  • Management Measurement Tools 
    • Performance Management  
    • KPIs
    • Personal Development Plans 
    • 1-1 Meetings
  • Action plans and learning points

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