Living Life as a Learner

Negotiating your way to success

Aiming for a Win-Win

Session Objective 
Being able to identify when the time is right for negotiation and how to manage the process towards a win-win outcome is a key skill in achieving business objectives. This session looks to build a greater understanding of negotiation behaviours and the process involved. It offers a practical approach that caters for both simple as well as complex negotiations.

Session Content
  • What is negotiation?
  • Utilising natural negotiation skills
  • The importance of negotiation in business
  • Understanding the process of negotiation
  • Knowledge is power - the importance of information 
  • Preparing to negotiate - pave the way for success
  • What has to be present for negotiation to occur?
  • Negotiation behaviour - red or blue?
  • Strengthen your negotiation position 
  • Using variables to your advantage
  • The four stages of negotiation

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