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Training tip March 9 to March 13
There such a thing as 'invisible pressure' - you have no idea what was happening before you called. If you rush in with no attempt to connect or qualify your call, you risk adding to this pressure.
Training tip March 2 to March 6
Make sure you have all the information available and you're ready to make that call. If the customer senses you are not prepared don't be surprised when their motivation to have the conversation is low!
Training tip Feb23 to Feb 27
How you begin the sales journey is key to success. Think about how you prepare for a long journey - if you take a wrong turn at the start, the rest of the journey is pointless! Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!
Training tip Feb 16 to Feb 20
It would be lovely to think every customer is waiting for your call but the reality is, you're going have to work hard to make a positive first impression and generate a level of interest. Be prepared to work for it!
Training tip Feb 9 to Feb 13
It's not just quantity that matters in sales - it's about quality too! It's not just a numbers game so if you want to be successful, you have to think about your part further than simple notching up the required number of calls!
Training tip Feb 2 to Feb 6
Never underestimate the value of what you do and the service you provide to your customers. If YOU approach your role with an apologetic, negative mind-set, that will be reflected back at you!
Training tip Jan 19 to Jan 25
Have a plan! Just as you cannot hit a target you cannot see, you must have goals and a plan to achieve them if you are to have any direction and success in your career
Training tip Jan 12 to Jan 18
Liking is the first tool of influence so, the question is how likeable are YOU? Work towards being a 'people person' - be someone people like to know! If they like you, they'll want to do business with you.
Training tip Jan 05 to Jan 11
Be prepared to let go of your agenda - your customer will feel more comfortable (and more willing to share!) if they feel they are having a REAL conversation with you rather than simply working through a script

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